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Date 22-04-2014
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We are living in an age, in which many children have to face with immense hardships in their lives because they do not have the same chances as most do. The two thirds of children of the Earth would never be able to go to school. Millions of them would never be able to learn reading and writing. Tens of millions of children would spend their childhood deprived of the satisfaction for clean drinking water, proper nutrition and health services needs. In all these hardships and bad straits, we sometimes come across such children, that revitalize our hopes for better future.

Bilaal Rajan was just a 4 year old infant as he decided to change people’s lives. A newspaper report read by his parents in the January of 2001, regarding the tragic death of a priest from their own community in an earthquake in India’s Gujarat region, had affected him deeply and led him to find his life purpose at a very young age. He was surrounded by thoughts of losing his own family and how he would survive afterwards and at that very moment he was building the ground for his charity collection efforts.

Firstly, taking a fellow relative to help him, Bilaal set out to wander the neighbourhood he lived in and sell oranges by visiting every house, knocking every door and collected 350$ charity. Even if he had to return empty handed from most of the houses he visited, 350$ was an amount, quite enough for his dreams to live on. Later on, Bilaal spent the 1200$ that, he earned by selling hand-made acrylic plates, in the construction of a school for AIDS patient orphans in Tanzania. In his next attempt, he earned 6000$ by sellingbiscuit boxes, which he spent for aiding the families, stricken from the hurricane in Haiti.


In 2004 he founded the group called Canada Kids Earthquake Challenge under UNICEF. This group intended that, every Canadian child collects 100$ each in order to reach 1 million dollars in total. Bilaal and his friends managed to collect only 50.000$ but their great effort and resolve has inspired the people of Canada and led them to act. In the January of 2005, Toronto District School has donated 1,3 million dollars to UNICEF on behalf of Bilaal’s group and the Canadian government helped this amount to reach to 4 million dollars in total.

Still today, Bilaal continues to collect millions of dollars as charity money through the Help Fund he established, to aid the children in need of help all around the World. He tells every human being on Earth that, they can change the World regardless of the language, religion or society they belong to and encourages people with the examples of his life experiences and he invites them to act together.