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Passion + Belief + Persistence + Planning = Success
Date 09-05-2014
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Several formulas for success have been developed over the years. However, these formulas can contain unknowns and factors which vary from person to person. It is quite difficult to devise an arithmetic which covers such a broad concept, but if we breakdown the formula, you will see that success can be reached by planning your professional life and passionately believing that you will reach your goal, all while chasing it with persistence. This cannot be done without first knowing ones self, setting the right goals, narrowing your target, and making the right assumptions.

Firstly, you should have a work plan that will allow you to reach your goal. In fact, you should this plan into writing. You should have a road map that provides you with the option to change your route based on the choices that you will be faced with along the way. This is where persistence is key.

Besides setting your goals, the plan that you devise should also give you the opportunity to perform an analysis of your financial needs. When performing this analysis to determine your income and expense budgets, you can consider elements such as education, investments, and your social life.

Another aspect of the plan to achieve your goal is that the path it takes you on will allow you to identify opportunities and resources which will help you reach attainment. Your co-pilot on the trip towards your goal should be chosen carefully. An analysis should be performed in order to determine the network of people who will benefit your career or investment plans. This network of people can be comprised of family members, school friends, teachers, mentors, colleagues, or any person or group of people who can support your efforts.

In order to turn your passion into success, the abilities that you posses and need to develop must be discovered. To do so, you must first be self aware and realize your abilities.

Selim T. Akdağ