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Corporate Service Contract
Pera Kariyer Çözümleri Ltd. Şti. (“FasterCV.com”) and the customer, agreed on the hereby contract in the virtual environment based on the conditions below.

1. Service Owner Details
Name         : Pera Kariyer Çözümleri Ltd. Şti...
Address     : Levent Mah. Eylül Sokak No:6 Beşiktaş
Telephone : 0212 244 92 22  -  Fax : 0212 244 92 21  -  E-Mail : info@fastercv.com

2. Customer Details
Name/Surname :..............     Address :.................     Telephone  :...................     Fax :.....................     E-Mail :...................    

3. Subject of the Contract
The subject of this contract consists of preparing mutual rights and obligations for the service FasterCV.com gives in compliance with the related legislation over the www.fastercv.com internet site for the customer to fulfill the manpower with the aim of creating an advert on electronic environment.

4. Details of the Service Subject to Contract
4.1. Customer has the right both to post an advert and view CVs / VideoCVs with a limited number specified by FasterCV.com for free of charge.

4.1.1. Customer has the right to post adverts of ..... and view the candidates' CV of ..... .
Sales price for the service including tax is like below.
Service Name                                Amount       Sales Price (Including VAT) 
Advert                                                 0                                0
Limited Candidate Database              0                                0
Video CV                                            0                                0
Total Amount                                      0                                0

4.2. By establishing the hereby contract, "Posting Adverts", "Responsing to Applications", and the "Application Filtering" and "Video CV" will be open to customer's use.

* Posting an Advert Module: With the "Posting an Advert" module, customer is allowed to post his advert, edit the content of the published advert, deactivate the

advert and even he can keep the name private, during the hereby contract.

* Application Filtering Module: This module only enables the elimination of the applications made to the customer based on the filtering criterias specified by


* Application Responsing Module: This module enables the responses to the candidates, who made an application to the advert, one by one or all at once.

* Limited Candidate Database: CVs created by candidates on FasterCV.com, are restricted to be viewed based on the filtering criterias specified by FasterCV. Customer

has the right to view .... CVs.

* Video CV Candidate Database Module: Video CVs created by candidates on FasterCV.com, are restricted to be viewed based on the filtering criterias specified by

FasterCV. Customer has the right to view .... Video CVs.

4.3. The customer has accepted that the service has been completed, by receiving the user details and by being published of the advert. Customer will keep getting

support for the service provided, from FasterCV.com customer services through telephone or internet during the membership.

4.4. FasterCV.com is not responsible for copying, distributing or reproducing of the data on the website without FasterCV.com's written permission.

4.5. FasterCV.com Customer Services will give any kind of support for the system usage on 0212 244 92 22. The customer can make a complaint and a request on the same


4.6. The customer has accepted that he wouldn't be allowed to redirect the applications made to his advert on FasterCV.com to another fax number, e-mail, postal

address or website apart from FasterCV's, and also without FasterCV.com's permission he wouldn't be allowed to do advertising, notification using FasterCV.com's

tools. Data on FasterCV.com cannot be copied, distributed or reproduced without FasterCV.com's consent.

4.7. Organizational membership for FasterCV.com is free of charge, whereas posting adverts excluding the ones you were given by FasterCV.com is a paid service.

FasterCV.com reserves the right to change the price and campaign of the products / services.

4.8. The customer has accepted not to give membership details, passwords, personal information collected from the candidates to third parties. The customer also will

inform FasterCV.com about any changes in the authorized person who is using the FasterCV.com membership password. In the case of violation of the above obligation,

FasterCV.com can claim recovery for all kind of loss.

5. Service Validity Period
The customer's membership is for 75 days. This period starts on the day payment is made and the password is given to the customer. The advert the customer posts will

be published for 60 days long within the hereby period of 75 days. The customer can edit the context of the advert within 7 days since the advert was posted.

6. Customer Representation and Warranties
6.1. The customer accepts and declares that he has been informed about the features, sales price, and payment method of the contract and that he has confirmed it in

the electronic environment.
6.2. The customer is responsible for any kind of mistakes and wrong information on his job post, company profile and company logo. The customer in advance accepts

that he will deal with the third parties about the content of the company profile subject to this contract and that FasterCV.com is not responsible for this.
6.3. The customer accepts that he won't be allowed to post more than single job-position under the same advert.
6.4. On the job advert, fax number, e-mail, mail or web address are not allowed to be given by the customer.
6.5. The person to be given the password for the service provided from FasterCV.com, will be responsible for the privacy of password. In the case of violance of the

password privacy, FasterCV.com reserves the right to be able to terminate the hereby contract unilaterally. In the case of the termination of the contract, any fees

paid are not refunded.
6.6. FasterCV.com reserves the right to be able to terminate the contract unilaterally in the case of the customer shares the candidate's information with the third

parties, or does not protect the privacy of the candidate's details, or communicates with the candidates for the purpose of anything (marketing training, promotion,

etc.) apart from recruitment. In the case of the termination of the contract, FasterCV.com does not refund any money to the customer.
6.7. Candidate database is the essential and most valuable asset for FasterCV.com. With the hereby contract, the service given to the customer is to access and use of

the data in the candidate database. The customer accepts that he is aware of abusing the data on the candidate database would cause irreperable loss for FasterCV.com.

7. Sales Price and Payment Method
7.1. The price for posting ... employee adverts, viewing ... CVs and watching ... video CVs, subject to membership contract is ..... TL including VAT. Payment should

be made in advance of posting the advert. It is possible to make the payment through money order or EFT.
7.2. Payment will be made to Pera Kariyer Çözümler Ltd's bank account with the details:
Branch: Garanti Bankası Levent Şubesi
Branch Code: 401
Account Number: 6295762
IBAN: TR97 0006 2000 4010 0006 2957 62
7.3. Service charge cannot be transferred to FasterCV.com's bank account, and if the payment is cancelled FasterCV.com won't be responsible for the service.
7.4. FasterCV.com will create the invoice according to details given by customer and send it to the address given by customer, after arrival of the payment.

8. The Right of Money Refund
Money refund can be made in the cases below on written request of the customer
* If the advert has not been posted
* If none of the applications made to the advert has not been reviewed, two days withing the advert is posted, and no CVs on the database has been reviewed, money is


9. The Right of Withdrawal
Hereby contract is such a service given to the customer in the electronic environment instantly, and it is not possible to return the service to the customer as a

matter of course. Also, in accordance with the procedures and principles of the Distance Contracts Act's 8th entry, the customer has not the right of withdrawal.

10. Final Provisions
10.1. The parties accept that all kind of notices must be in written form. And also, with the declaration of the addresses subject to the hereby contract are the

legal notice addresses, unless otherwise specified in written form, they accept that all legal results of all written notices to these addresses.
10.2. The customer accepts that the rights sourced from the hereby contract cannot be transferred to third parties.
10.3. Istanbul courts and enforcement office are authorized in the solution of disagreement sourced from the hereby contract.
10.4. Stamp tax sourced from the hereby contract will be paid fifty-fifty by the parties.
Hereby contract was arranged on ...... (Date of membersip is valid)

SERVICE PROVIDER                                                                           CUSTOMER

Pera Kariyer Çözümleri Ltd. Şti.

Signature                                                                                              Signature