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Video CV

Video CV

Fast growth in the internet has completely changed the job seeking process. Organizations are compelled to apply different selection methods rather than receiving traditional resumes. In a world where reference checks are replaced with social media surveys, CVs, too, must undergo some changes.

FasterCV understands the needs of the recruitment market and gives the opportunity for the candidates to introduce themselves visually - and more powerfully. From the employer’s point of view, VideoCV’s short and sweet format can replace the long and costly preliminary interview stage. 

How It Works

Corporate members are able to watch the video CVs of the candidates of their choice either from the candidate database or the candidates who applied to the job posting. 

Video CV Format

The video must not be over a minute long. We recommend candidates to consider the suggestions below, especially effective presentation skills, attitude and self confidence, the three top qualities to which employer pay the most attention.

     Record the video from the waist up

     Ensure that there is sufficient light in the background

     Dress smart

     Speak clearly and understandable

     State your name and lastname at the beginning

     Highlight your GOALS, PROJECTS AND ACHIEVEMENTS, rather than simply stating what is already in your written resume

Video CVs will be kept in the system once they are approved by the system administrators. If the video is found to be violating our terms of use,  the candidate will be asked to upload another video CV.